McPhat Studios / Coolsky DC-9 Repaints

Here is the Coolsky DC-9 Classic. The great outcome and feedback of the Super 80 Pro and Super 80 Classic UHDT liveries and textures -now almost four years ago- were proof enough for us to take the cooperation with Flight 1 and Coolsky to the next level. Commissioned to not only do the textures/repaints for both the interior and exterior, but also the 3D modeling (Exterior Model AND Virtual Cockpit), we are basically in charge of all the graphic work for the Coolsky DC-9 Classic, except for the 2D Panel. The difference in performance between the 4096 and 2048 are marginal. Especially in fps, you will see almost no difference. You might experience slightly faster (initial) loading times with the 2048 version and for those of you that have a large amount of FS add-ons running simultaneously, this might be the best choice



All in all, the level of detail in the virtual cockpit makes it a dead ringer for the real thing. If you were impressed with the PMDG NGX virtual cockpit, then wait until you see this!

The exterior aircraft model, also modeled and textured by McPhat Studios, is just as rich in detail as the virtual cockpit.

Six reasons to buy the McPhat / Coolsky DC-9 Repaints

01UHD repaints, the highest px/m ratio for any 'tube' out there

02High Quality 3D modeling

03Great performance and framerates

04In-depth programming with integrated Flight Center

05Quick & Friendly support, before AND after the sale

06AWARD winning, Developer AND Publisher

Specs DC-9

System requirements: FSX and Flight1 Coolsky DC9 Classic Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7 CPU: 2.6GHz (Dual / Quad core recommended) Memory: 2GB RAM recommended GPU: DX10 with 256mb direct X 9/10/11 compatible

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